Back2Basics Workshop: Practical Skills for Growers

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Originally Aired - Saturday, July 16 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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Title: Back2Basics Workshop: Practical Skills for Growers


Greenhouse growers wear many hats to be successful at their job each and every day. This hands-on workshop, held at Thorsen’s Greenhouse located in Delaware, OH, will cover practical skills essential to being an effective grower. More than 10 stations will be set up to help growers perfect their skills on biological control, plant pathology, climate control, trapping, and more. This is an ideal opportunity to learn from industry experts as participants ask in-depth questions and practice, refine and perfect skills in these important growing functions.  After this workshop attendees will know how to better:

  • Count your predatory mites and maintain quality control
  • Apply nematodes and keep them alive
  • Check EC, pH and other factors that influence nutrition
  • Collect, ship, and send samples for disease ID
  • Make sure your microbial products are coming out of your spray tank live
  • Choose the right dipping method and do it effectively
  • Collect insect and mite samples to ship for ID
  • Use traps for monitoring pests
  • Manage diseases through climate control
  • Assess water quality can play a role in growing
  • Setup and troubleshoot your Dosatron® 

This workshop that is packed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you be a more confident grower. 

Level of knowledge recommended for this session: All Audiences

Type: Growing