Leading from the Middle: Growing Your Capacity for Long-term Leadership

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Originally Aired - Monday, July 18 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Location: C160A

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Title: Leading from the Middle: Growing Your Capacity for Long-term Leadership


Are you a leader learning to make a difference in a mid-level role? Are you a manager trying harder, working longer, and still feeling behind? Are you pouring energy into your team but coming up empty yourself? 


Geared toward mid-level leaders and managers, this session gets down to the grit of leading yourself, guiding your team, and influencing your business from the middle of the ladder. Renew your perspective on the value of your work and the power of your position. Turn your mistakes into momentum. Based on practical experience and recent research, this session will equip you to develop your own personal strategy to propel you toward greater professional effectiveness and endurance. 


After the completion of this session, join our speaker for “Leading From the Middle: Swap Shop Discussion” for a lively panel on this topic with leaders in the industry just like you.


Level of knowledge recommended for this session: Progressive

Type: Business Operations

Evaluation Link: https://cultivate.cnf.io/sessions/h31a