Back2Basics: The ABC's of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Management

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Originally Aired - Sunday, July 17 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Location: A123

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Title: Back2Basics: The ABC's of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Management


In this lecture, we will focus on two topics: (1) plant essential nutrients, deficiency symptoms and correctional procedures and (2) liquid fertilizer management and Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) management, proper use and monitoring techniques. 

Nutrient uptake is a dynamic process, influenced by fertilizer type, stage of plant growth and development, environmental factors, water quality and media. First, we will review plant essential nutrients and how to identify the most common nutrient deficiency symptoms and their probable causes. We will then discuss how nursery infrastructure, cultural practices and environment can impact plant nutrition and how to work around some these problems associated with less than optimal growing conditions.

The second portion of the presentation will cover fertilizer types: granular fertilizers, emphasizing controlled release fertilizers types, and liquid fertilizers, including chelates. The benefits and disadvantages of these fertilization methods will be discussed along with their proper use. We will then briefly discuss how to optimize fertilizer use and mitigate nutrient loss from your production systems.

Level of knowledge recommended for this session: Fundamental

Type: Growing

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